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At MDG, we’re deeply passionate about providing collaborative audiovisual, acoustics, theatrical lighting, IPTV, network and security solutions and consulting solutions that revolutionize the way we work, learn, perform, and live.


We cater to diverse markets and industries across the United States. Our teams dedication to continuous education, and relentless dedication to client satisfaction empower us to deliver exceptional client experiences across all the markets we engage with.


We design reliable, flexible, and easily maintainable solutions across the audiovisual, network, and security domains, empowering organizations to cultivate collaboration, fuel innovation, and facilitate seamless idea-sharing. Leveraging cutting-edge technology in audiovisual, network, and security solutions, we pave the way for your success.


With a nationwide reach, MDG stands out in providing exceptional client journeys that encompass the full spectrum of audiovisual, network, and security solutions. Our expertise includes strategic planning, system design, deployment, training, managed services, and comprehensive support. Behind every successful project, our dedicated team comprises expert designers and engineers, all deeply committed to ensuring your audiovisual, network, and security needs are met for success.

IPTV Consulting and Design Services

Revolutionize your viewing experience and unlock the potential of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) with expert consulting and design services. Our IPTV solutions offer a cost-effective, flexible, and highly interactive system, delivering television services through your internet connection or dedicated network. Enjoy live TV, store media assets, and more.

MDG’s IPTV design enables seamless integration of television programming from antennas, cable TV, satellite signals, in-house video production, or digital signage. Whether for local programming or a global enterprise, our design ensures distribution to all parts of your facility or worldwide corporation. Experience personalized programming on each TV through a unified network. Consult with us to tailor your IPTV system, whether you have 10 TVs or thousands spanning the globe.

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Every Project, Big and Small

We embrace a consultative approach for each project, taking great care to actively listen to your challenges, objectives, and requirements, all while considering your unique spaces and financial considerations. Our goal is to create user-friendly, highly functional, and seamlessly integrated solutions that enhance your audiovisual experience, ensuring a cohesive project journey. At MDG, we maintain our valued partnerships by designing and integrating top-tier audiovisual systems, network infrastructure (BICSI certified), and Security/Building Access Infrastructure, with an unwavering commitment to integrity and excellence.


We're all about truly listening and getting to know you: your vision, challenges, needs, and budget. Together, we'll map out your project scope accurately. We're not just here for today; we're planning for your future goals as well, hand in hand.


Our group of audiovisual design and engineering specialists is here to give you advice, create custom solutions, and design dependable and easy-to-manage AV, Network and Security systems that match your goals, schedule, and how you want to work together.

3. Drawings & Specifications

MDG's team of seasoned consultants delivers comprehensive drawings and collaborates closely with your architect or designated team. We ensure a thorough coordination and review process with you to ensure the clear and effective communication of the design.

4. Construction Administration

Our team is dedicated to assure your project goes smoothly. We will respond to all questions or issues that may arise and provide final testing and inspection of the project to assure our systems perform as specified.


Connect with one of our consultants and embark on the journey to a professional, technology experience today!

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